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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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o    messing   litigation   in   instances   of   fraud   and   abuse   Involving   both

lenders arid individual defaulters.

o   Monitoring the total collections effort more closely.
o   Drafting updated and strengthened program regulations.

E-                      Studies and Analyses Cited in Section C Above

L    The   Cooperative   Institutional   Research   Program   (CIRP),   University   of

California at Los Angeles, California, 1983.

2.                 files -   Office   of Postsecondary  Education,   U.S.   Department   of

Education, 1980-84*

F.             Supporting Data

III.                to 6EPA 41 7 (b)

Studies 1n progress are:

c The CIRP survey referred to in Section II E.I above provides annual data
Ofi distribution of aid from Federal student aid programs for first-time.
full-tine freshmen. Data for the 1984-85 academic year' will be available

IP Spring of 1985.

Contacts for Further Information

operations:    David Bayer, (202) 245-2475
studies:    Dan ftorrissey,  (202) 245-8281


1.   W

volume   figures   represent   commitments   rather   than   disbursements.

SKSJ-    ^s hdve  "*  been  adjusted
etc;}        receipts   (collections   on  defaulted  loans,   Insurancehad an average loan of $2,161 In FY 1981 but only $1,846